"Our Hands For Hope, Great Things to Come in 2015" February 11 2015, 0 Comments

The second feature in Your True Colours magazine shares the business adventures that Our Hands For Hope will be embarking in 2015, such as the new partnership with two groups from India devoted to helping men and women out of severe poverty and human trafficking.

Our Hands For Hope
Great Things to Come in 2015

By: Cinthya Rubio, Marketing and Communications Director @ Our Hands For Hope

At Our Hands For Hope, we pride ourselves in creating a for-profit socially responsible business format that not only offers our consumers quality handmade apparel, but that also creates a life changing opportunity for the women that make each item with love.

For the past four years we have centered all our efforts to help the impoverished women in Trujillo, Peru. Recently we were able to go back and visit our beautiful artisans and have a firsthand look at how they are transforming their lives and the lives of their children. It was a fresh breath of air to see that many of the women have been able to maintain a safe environment for their children while being able to provide enough income to keep them in school. The success of this business format has gone beyond what we ever imagined, much so that there is currently a training program teaching 100 more women how to knit and crochet. To top things off, five women from our first group have become trainers themselves, and we are hoping for at least 30 of the 100 women to achieve the level needed to be a part of the Our Hands For Hope Peruvian project.

With the women of Trujillo, we have created a fashion line using the best luxurious Alpaca yarn and silky Pima Cotton that Peru has to offer. Our artisans make each item with high quality standards in mind, but most importantly, with love. This Fall/Winter season we have added great accessory items such as fingerless gloves and boot cuffs that complement the very popular ponchos and wraps in our fashion line.

Our reach doesn't stop there… this 2015, Our Hands For Hope will launch a new Spring/Summer line with two new groups from India! One group is devoted to helping men and women out of severe poverty and the other provides technical training and support for those emancipated from human trafficking. These training centers provide pathways for local leaders and villagers to become financially self-sufficient. These groups promote dignity through economic empowerment and provide much needed products and services to local communities across India. So be ready to see bright colors and beautiful lightweight fabrics in our new designs!

Our artisans understand the importance of education for their children to better their future. Our Hands For Hope helps provide honorable and dignified work opportunities to help make this happen,  as we mentioned before, the positive transformation that our artisans have gone through could not have happened without the amazing fashionable women that purchase their items. Because of this we are inviting all the “Your True Colours Magazine” readers to visit www.OurHandsForHope.com and shop. For the next thirty days (month of February), when you enter discount code: YourTrueColours at checkout, you will receive a 15% discount on all orders, plus free shipping on all orders over $50. Every purchase directly enables artisans to afford their children’s education. Shop and share this special offer. Together we can empower and help them meet their March 1st, 2015 school enrollment deadline!

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