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Fundraising – Our Hands For Hope


Interested in raising funds for your organization while joining with a cause that is taking steps to eradicate extreme poverty?
Then partner with us at Our Hands for Hope, LLC.
 We are offering you a fundraising opportunity for your non-profit organization*
 to earn 25% of all purchases made by your supporters.

How it works: 
Our Hands for Hope, LLC is a socially responsible business that is working directly with women living in extreme poverty within the barrios of Trujillo, Peru.
 We follow all Fair Trade Standards and believe in a holistic approach to help better their lives.  
After having gone through extensive training, these women are creating beautiful alpaca and Peruvian pima cotton hand knits.
Our Hands for Hope, LLC is supporting their desire for a better future by introducing their goods to the U.S. Market.

  Your part:
You choose a “Hope coordinator” for your organization.
Their job will be to get the word out!
 We will supply you with shopping information and educational material to share about the women living in the barrios of Peru, the work that is being done there and how your supporters can get involved.
Together you will be supporting your non profit, as well as the women and families in Peru.

  Their part:
Shop, shop, shop! 
Our on-line store,  features beautiful hand knit alpaca and Peruvian pima cotton sweaters, wraps, scarves and hats, created by the women artisans.
There is something for everyone.
We offer a wide selection of gift items, as well as beautiful accessories to add to your personal wardrobe, all within a variety of price points. After shopping, punch in the product code for your organization and proceed to the check out.

Our part:
After approval, within two weeks we will ship all orders along with tissue and bags directly to the
Hope coordinator”.  
This gives the coordinator the opportunity to personally “Thank” everyone who participated.
Our Hands for Hope, LLC will tally up your order totals and send a check to your nonprofit organization
 for the 25%, less the shipping charge.

Your organization will benefit, the women in Peru will benefit and together we will make a difference.  
Contact us today:
*Non Profits must be a qualifying 501 (c) 3.